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Best NHL Fanduel Lineup Optimizer

nhl fanduel lineup optimizer A large number of sports enthusiasts are turning to fantasy sports because of the way in which this — especially daily fantasy sports or DFS — gives them the freedom of building their own teams, pick players they think will work well and finally earn points and money when their team does well. With the option of choosing between sports like NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB and more on daily fantasy sports platforms like DraftKings and more importantly, FanDuel, there is no limit to how much you can play and win. During the course of this review, the emphasis will be on one provider and one league in particular, focusing on the best NHL Fanduel lineup optimizer.

Before getting into the details of the best NHL Fanduel lineup optimizer, it is important that you get an understanding of what this tool is and how it can change the way you pick your lineup and achieve incredibly valuable teams.

Best NHL Fanduel Lineup Optimizer

Draft Dashboard

Our pick for the best NHL Fanduel lineup optimizer is Draft Dashboard, a provider of DFS tools that makes the process of choosing the perfect team for your salary cap quick, easy and effective. Apart from that crucial feature, it also offers a wide range of tools that include position optimizers and 15 others, which are designed to ensure you have the highest chances of success. It’s also compatible with all other major sports leagues, DFS platforms and all devices plus at just $39.95 per month it’s an unmissable deal – the cherry on top is that you also have a 30 day free trial so you can see first-hand just how great it is.

In the sections below, the different features, advantages and disadvantages of Draft Dashboard are going to be discussed in detail so that you can get insight into the platform and get to know exactly what it has to offer you.

Features Offered

After a brief introduction to Draft Dashboard, it is time to delve deeper and have a look at some of the features that make it the best NHL Fanduel lineup optimizer:

  • DFS Lineup Optimizer — The most popular tool offered by Draft Dashboard, the lineup optimizer works to get you tons of different lineup variations so that you can choose one that meets your requirements.
  • DFS Position Optimizer — If you are looking at a particular position to fill but just can’t come up with the right player in your budget, you can use this tool and get your hands on a list of replacements.
  • Top Players Tool — All the players that have been performing well consistently find themselves at the top of this list, which you can then access to pick players that sit well with your needs and can increase your fantasy points.
  • Weekly Studs — When you build your lineup, you’d want to put in a couple of studs or low-risk players in to increase your chances of earning more points. With the help of the Weekly Studs tool offered by Draft Dashboard, the players with the most points that week can be accessed directly.
  • Find Sleepers — Sleepers are players that have consistently performed well but stayed under the radar. This means that they are not as high in demand and can be added to your lineup for a relatively cheaper price. Use the special tool to locate DFS sleepers.
  • Analysis and Advice — As the software runs 24/7, there are dedicated tools that will give you analysis of data as well as advice on how to move forward with a lineup whenever you need it.


After getting a good look at some of the main features that Draft Dashboard offers, it is time to look at the main pros associated with opting for this software. Keep reading for more!

  • Easier Lineup Decisions — With the help of the lineup optimizer and position optimizer tools, you get a multitude of options in front of you to decide from. The software helps you come up with the most efficient lineup.
  • Quick Results — Unlike other platforms where there is a lag in information and time, Draft Dashboard gives you instant updates and results. Any changes you make also go up at the same time.
  • 30 Day Free Trial — Draft Dashboard gives you the option of trying the software and tools for 30 days before you make a decision about whether or not you want to buy a subscription.
  • Built-In Calculator for Points — Instead of having to carry a piece of paper or a separate calculator app, you can use Draft Dashboard’s built-in calculator tool to check your standing and count points.
  • Advantage of Sleepers — Finally, the tool that allows you to find sleepers is a real game-changer because of the kind of value it offers.


Nothing in this world is perfect and you may notice that despite being the best NHL Fanduel lineup optimizer, Draft Dashboard does fall short in some areas. A couple of these are discussed below:

  • Lack of Human Contact — If you are one of the traditionalists looking for advice from fellow human beings when it comes to lineup decisions, it is helpful to note that this software works on a completely automated basis.
  • No Access When Offline — Your device needs to be connected to the internet in order for you to gain access to the lineup optimizer. As the platform does not require you to download it, you need to be online to open it.

What is a NHL Fanduel Lineup Optimizer?

If you are familiar with daily fantasy sports, you already know that you have to create your own team and lineup in order to earn points — and maybe even money — when games are played. Not everyone has the same level of expertise or the patience to sift through mountains of information to come up with the best lineup. This is where a lineup optimizer comes into the picture to simplify the process for you. Using this software, you can generate the best lineup that is based on projections, statistics and past performances, all while taking your salary cap into account. In short, a lineup optimizer can help you maximize the points and money you could be earning from DFS – it makes the most out of your available funds and ensures your team is as valuable as it can be.

Final Words

Standing out from the competition due to its excellent quality and attractive price, Draft Dashboard offers the best NHL Fanduel lineup optimizer that you could get a subscription for. Try the free services for the set period of time and if you think it is working for you, it is time to graduate to the paid service, you certainly won’t regret it. Thanks as always for reading and have yourself a wonderful day! If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to read our main NHL lineup optimizer article.

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