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Best NFL FanDuel Lineup Optimizer

nfl fanduel lineup optimizer If you are a user of FanDuel, you’re certainly familiar with the idea of building a lineup while also keeping in mind the salary cap. There are several factors that you need to take into account when you are building your fantasy sports lineup – from different combinations based on value, historical data, current state and more – all of which can take a lot of time in order to finally achieve a winning combination. This can be a frustrating process, especially if you don’t have any help. With an NFL FanDuel lineup optimizer, you will be able to easily, quickly and effectively build the best possible lineup with the salary cap you have. This not only ensures that your final selection is the most valuable it can be but it also highly improves your chances of success and profit. The following is a brief intro to the world of lineup optimization and right after we’ll take a look at the very best NFL FanDuel lineup optimizer. Let’s dive right in!

The Best NFL Fanduel Lineup Optimizer

Draft Dashboard

Bursting into the scene with excellent features and top-notch service, Draft Dashboard quickly rocketed in popularity and has since become one of the top choices on the market.

It’s easy to use, has an intuitive interface, smooth service, an excellent set of tools and delivers the best possible results everytime. With an attractive membership of just $39.95 per month as well as the availability to get a full 30 day free trial to see for yourself just how great it is before diving in, it’s an opportunity you just can’t miss.

The following are the Daily Fantasy Tools that Draft Dash has to offer as an NFL FanDuel Lineup Optimizer. The platform has several other tools that it offers and the list is certainly not limited to what has been presented below.

Top Weekly Players

When you are building your DFS lineup, it is important to keep tabs on who are the top performers. With the top weekly players’ tool, you will be able to keep track of who has been performing well every week. Things are rather unpredictable when it comes to fantasy sports. A person who may be the star player one week may have a setback the following week. The top weekly players’ tool allows you to keep tabs on who the best performers are and if possible, include them in your lineup. The tool is ideal for tracking players in NFL, NBA, MLB and is updated through the week, on a 24-hour basis.

Find Week’s Studs

‘Studs’ as the term is used in casual parlance, refers to a star or popular players in the contest. The find week’s studs tool keeps a lookout for the players who score the maximum number of points over the week. These players are known to perform and are likely to be low-risk investments for your lineup. These are players who have not only performed over the week but have been known to deliver consistent performance and score fantasy points regularly. It is always good to have a few stud players in your lineup.

Daily Fantasy Advice

The daily fantasy advice tool relies on the smart algorithm of the platform that helps users arrange a perfectly optimized lineup. As an NFL FanDuel lineup optimizer, Draft Dash produces great advice and devices sure shot ways in which you can see at least some success in the fantasy sports contests.

Position Optimizer

If you have a single spot left in your lineup and are looking for the best person to fill that space with, the position optimizer tool is an excellent method to make things clearer. With this tool, you will be able to choose the player that will complete your lineup perfectly.

Watched Players

If there are players you have noticed performing well before and would like to include in your lineup, with this tool you can be notified of any updates regarding this player on a 24-hour basis. You can watch this player and make note of any changes in their performance. If you have been thinking about using a certain player or want to make a certain player your favorite, this tool is a great way to keep track of their activities, successes and drawbacks.

What Is a Lineup Optimizer?

Any Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) enthusiast needs a lineup optimizer to ensure that they succeed in their endeavors while competing. It is one thing to compete only for fun, but when large sums of money are at stake in terms of sports betting, you do not want to take the contest lightly. Each player in the lineup makes a difference as the performance of each player will determine how much money an individual user makes while playing fantasy sports.

But what is a lineup optimizer and why is it so important? A lineup optimizer is the essential tool for building a successful fantasy sports portfolio in a quick and effective way. Think of it this way, you need to construct a team of players and you have a stipulated amount of funding that you can use to make this team. Now, each of the players have a salary and you need to pay them the salary to employ them on your team. The objective is to make the best possible team with the funds you have available.

With a lineup optimizer, you will have all the necessary information required to build a team of the best players possible based on their value and price. A lineup optimizer, to put it quite literally, will optimize your lineup in a way that you have the best possible team given the funds that you have and the salaries that you can pay.

How Does It Work?

But how does a lineup optimizer actually work? While the answer is simple, the process is rather complex and sophisticated. If you take a look at a lineup optimizer like Draft Dash, you will notice that the service shows you the players that would be a good fit in your lineup. The platform is a great way to learn about daily projections (weekly in the case of NFL), optimal stats and a combination of players that would make your lineup look good and formidable. Of course, the lineup it generates will be optimized for the lowest cost. The job of the lineup optimizer is to constantly provide you with information that is relevant to your fantasy sports endeavors. The optimizer will make these endeavors way more fruitful.

To put it simply, a lineup optimizer makes your life much simpler by carrying out all the required research and digging deep into the files of players. It eliminates the need for users to look at individual stats, news about a player’s injury, their performance, etc. With a lineup optimizer, you can practically put your Daily Fantasy Sports account on auto-pilot. The optimizer will automatically pick the best possible lineup for you.

As an NFL Fanduel Lineup Optimizer also, Draft Dash fares quite favorably as it has the requirements of the fantasy sport down pat. The optimizer will collate all the necessary information and then by using the player projections, it creates an optimized lineup that will bring you closer to winning and earning money.

With a premium membership, you can also customize the lineup and use your own player projections. You can also swap players out, remove players and teams that you do not wish to consider and also override the consensus that the optimizer is offering (though this would not be recommended). You can also select certain games you want to compete in, apply the GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) settings, view projected ownership and more with a premium membership.

About NFL Fanduel

Since this discussion is about NFL Fanduel lineup optimizers, it is important to understand what Fanduel and its main competitor – DraftKings – are. Fanduel is a betting provider and a daily fantasy sports company set up in New York City. The company has been around since 2009 but it has quickly grown in the ranks and has now bagged the second position in the list of DFS services, right on the heels of DraftKings, the other big name in the market. In 2016, there were talks of a merger between FanDuel and DraftKings. However, the merger was stopped in its tracks by the Federal Trade Commission as both companies combined would take up 90 percent of the market share. This does not leave any room for any other player to thrive in the market as the monopoly would be too hard to break. The agreement was, therefore, terminated in 2017.

In the next summer, FanDuel was acquired by Paddy Power Betfair, an Irish bookmaker that now goes by the name Flutter Entertainment. The company’s existing brands and operations in the United States were merged with FanDuel, under a new name — FanDuel Group. With this acquisition, the company reached out to the user base that FanDuel had already built. The recognition that FanDuel already had in the Daily Fantasy Sports arena allowed the new company to enter the ambit of legal sports betting that has been popular in the United States for a while.


What has been described above is how a lineup optimizer like Draft Dash will be able to help your performance in fantasy sports. While fantasy sports is primarily about using your mathematical skills and permutations and combinations to use, there is often money involved as it is a legalized form of sports betting.

Now, since there is money involved, everyone wants to obviously win and always have the highest possible chances on their side. While there’s always risk, with a lineup optimizer like Draft Dash, the chances of winning are highly improved and you can compete with a lot more confidence when you have an optimized lineup. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to read our main NFL lineup optimizer article.

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