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Best NFL Lineup Optimizer

nfl lineup optimizer If you have spent any time trying your hands at daily fantasy sports where you can set up your own virtual teams and compete with others on the basis of how the players on your team perform, you know how crucial it is to pick the best players and still stick to the salary cap that has been put in place. However, there are instances where you may be tempted to get too many high-performing individuals in your roster and not get enough value for your money in the end. In order to avoid such situations, you can opt for specialized tools referred to as lineup optimizers. Even though there are quite a few options on the market, today we’ll be taking a look at the very best NFL lineup optimizer, ensuring you have the highest chances of success in a quick and easy way.

During the course of this review, there is one particular type of lineup optimizers that we will be looking at – the NFL lineup optimizers. However, before getting to our pick for the best lineup optimizer for NFL, it is important that you get a basic understanding of what these tools are in the first place. This quick explainer will also help you acquaint yourself with how these optimizers actually work to help you maximize the value of points that you can get by aiding you as you pick the right players according to your needs and restrictions. Let’s begin!

Best NFL Lineup Optimizer

Draft Dashboard

Giving users the opportunity to built lineups for some of the most popular sports leagues in the country – including the National Football League, the National Basketball Association as well as the National Hockey League, among others – Draft Dashboard has emerged victorious as the best NFL lineup optimizer after an analysis of a wide range of parameters.

Draft Dashboard offers over 15 different tools that are designed to make your life easier when it comes to building the best NFL lineup for your individual case. With no requirement for any downloads and an opportunity to try the software and the tools without any payment for a period of 30 days, the company has put together a deal that is almost irresistible.

With features ranging from DFS lineup and position optimizers, opportunities to find great sleepers, access to a continuous flow of information and more – all of which will be discussed in greater details in the next section – Draft Dashboard puts together all the different factors that could help you maximize your team’s potential with informed decision making. While it is important to note that your points and rankings will not rise exponentially within the first few days or weeks of choosing a lineup optimizer, it is a gradual rise that will teach you a lot of different things along the way.

In order to understand what makes Draft Dashboard such a great opportunity, it is important to look at the features in some detail, which has been done below.


Draft Dashboard is one of the best lineup optimizers – and our pick for the best NFL lineup optimizer – for multiple reasons, almost all of which are enunciated when you have a look at the features offered by the platform. Draft Dashboard has attempted to rise above the competition in the field by putting together some of the foundational tools that will help you improve your points and rankings in DFS significantly. Keep reading to know more:

  • User-Friendly Interface – Even though you may not find yourself in awe of the Draft Dashboard website, it has all the things that you need to improve the quality of your lineups. Whether or not you are a beginner, the icons are bright and conveniently located. All you need to do is register yourself with some basic information and click on the tools you want to use to get started.
  • Lineup Optimization – The first and possibly the most popular tool offered by Draft Dashboard is the DFS lineup optimization, where the software uses statistics and projections to come up with the best lineup variants for your NFL team, along with many others.
  • Position Optimization – Picking the best player to complete your lineup when you already have a bunch of players can be quite tricky when done manually, but with the DFS position optimization tool, you can get access to the best options after thorough research carried out by the software.
  • Regular Advice on Decisions – The main reason why platforms like FanDuel, DraftKings and Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football work is the limitation that is placed on the funds that can be used to put together the team. If you spend a large chunk of the salary cap on big names, you may not be able to fill all positions. The platform offers advice on how to fill these positions without straining your resources.
  • Team Browser – The Team Browser is one of the best features offered by Draft Dashboard, primarily because of the way it puts information in front of you – simply. The Team Browser puts all the statistics and projections in front of you so that any decision that you take with regards to your team is a well-informed one.
  • List of Top Players Weekly – The best way to put together your NFL lineup is by checking which players have made it to the top with the help of the Top Players tool. These are the players that have been consistently performing well to retain top positions. Similarly, the Fantasy Studs tool offered by Draft Dashboard helps you find out which players have been performing well in the recent past and can be bought without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Access to Sleepers – Finally, a spectacular tool that Draft Dashboard has put out on its platform is the Find Sleepers tool. Sleepers, in this case, are high-value assets that don’t really cost you much money but have shown an impressive track record in a specified period of time. Enlisting these players gives you the chance to make your lineup more efficient.


Stemming from the different features offered by Draft Dashboard, the many advantages associated with opting for this platform are self-evident. Regardless, this section has been dedicated to highlighting the major points of difference and what really shines through to make Draft Dashboard your pick for the best NFL lineup optimizer as well. The main advantages are listed below:

  • Compatible Across Platforms – Draft Dashboard does not restrict you to one particular platform like your laptop or personal computer. Instead, it is also compatible with smartphones and tablets, offering you a wider range of options. In addition to this, the tools developed by this platform can be used with a range of DFS content providers, including DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Drafts and Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football.
  • Lineup Decisions Made Easy – With the highly intuitive platform that the company has developed, it is very easy for even beginners to find out what lineup options will be likely to work well for them and which ones may not. This works better than manually carrying out research.
  • Instant Results – As the software updates information around the clock, any updates that you make will go up at the same instant. When compared to a ton of other lineup optimizers that take too long to show results and points, this is truly impressive.
  • Calculate Points Conveniently – With a calculator built right into the platform, you do not have to worry about physically taking out a calculator to check how your points tally looks.
  • Impressive Trial Period – When you first try the Draft Dashboard website, all you need to do is open an account and try over 15 DFS tools without any payment for a period of 30 days. Only if you are satisfied with your experience will you have to pay a subscription.
  • Find High-Value Players – The platform uses a unique method of color-coding players so that you can set the more valuable options apart from the less valuable ones when you make a lineup decision.
  • Sleepers Tool for Better Value – Seek out the low-risk players to improve how your lineup looks and get the maximum profits possible.


There is no doubt about the fact that Draft Dashboard is one of the best NFL lineup optimizers for you to consider when you are looking to upgrade your DFS game but you must keep in mind that perfection isn’t what can be guaranteed with platforms like these. With Draft Dashboard as well, there are some factors that could prove to be disadvantageous in the long run. Keep reading for more details on these:

  • No Way to get Advice from Other Users – If you consider yourself one of the traditionalists and prefer human contact over talking to machines, you are in for a disappointment with this. The software is designed to give you access to expertise that is derived from algorithms. Keep in mind that most similar platforms also do not offer advice from humans sitting to take queries.
  • No Offline Use – It would be great to have an offline-mode, even if its use would be limited.

What Is an NFL Lineup Optimizer?

Regardless of what kind of fantasy league you are a part of, the resources in front of you are going to be limited. Out of these limited resources, you have to pick players that – according to you – will be able to get you the maximum number of points with their performance over the coming time. All those of you who have struggled with choosing the most feasible players for your lineup may have heard of lineup optimizers at some point in time in the recent past.

With the help of these handy tools – all online – you can get an in-depth look into the statistics and projections that could be helpful when you are making a decision about how to move forward with your NFL lineup. If you are wondering how lineup optimizers work, the next section will give you a brief look into their functioning and why more and more people are turning to them for their daily fantasy sports needs.

How Does an NFL Lineup Optimizer Work?

There are multiple daily fantasy sports content providers that allow you to set up teams with your favorite sportsperson and compete in a virtual competition, as was mentioned before. These leagues, however, have a bunch of rules and regulations – like stacking rules and others – that you have to follow. For example, you need enough players on your team to fill all the positions that are open. The projected points associated with each player cannot be predicted easily in the initial stages. Similarly, there is also a cap on how much money you can spend on getting these players to your team.

With the help of lineup optimizers, you gain access to software that does most of the heavy lifting for you. The software analyzes the current projections and statistics to come up with unique combinations of players that will help you to maximize the points that you stand to earn. All possible changes are followed religiously so that you can make real-time changes to your lineup as and when the need arises.

If you’re interested in learning more about NFL lineup optimizers, be sure to read our follow-up articles below:

Final Word

During the course of this review, a great deal of emphasis was laid on how Draft Dashboard is the best NFL lineup optimizer that you need to invest in to maximize the number of points that you can earn with the optimizing tools. The benefits of using Draft Dashboard as your lineup optimizer go even beyond this. Due to its compatibility with a range of DFS providers like FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football and more, you do not need to restrict yourself even to the NFL. Other leagues like the NBA, NHL and others are also included, giving you the opportunity to really cover a lot of ground with your favorite daily fantasy sports variants.

Interestingly, there is no software that you need to download to use Draft Dashboard. Instead, all the activities will take place online, through the dedicated website that has been designed to help you through all your DFS woes. All you need to do is set up an account and watch the magic happen!

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