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Best NBA Lineup Optimizer

nba lineup optimizer Daily fantasy sports are a great way to spend the extra time you have at hand but it can get particularly taxing if you have to put all the effort that is required to be well prepared when it comes to choosing your lineup. The real game-changer for beginners and even people with some experience playing DFS — including NBA, NFL and a variety of other leagues — is a lineup optimizer software, which helps them get the most out of their pick of players regardless of how much experience they have in DFS. Having the best NBA lineup optimizer could give you an awesome edge, making your life easier, your work faster and also improve your chances of success.

However, there is a range of lineup optimizers that are available across the internet, almost all of which advertise themselves as the best NBA lineup optimizers that you can turn to. Despite what they have to say for themselves, not all of these can give you the same value that the true best NBA  lineup optimizer provides. Before getting to our pick for the best NBA lineup optimizer, let’s take a look at a brief overview of what exactly a lineup optimizer is and how it works to improve your performance when you choose players for your daily fantasy sports league. This will be followed by an in-depth analysis of the best NBA lineup optimizer. Let’s begin!

The Best NBA Lineup Optimizer

Draft Dashboard

Our pick for the best NBA lineup optimizer, in particular, is Draft Dashboard, an online portal that offers one of the best software and a bunch of great online tools — 15 of these — that you can use to make the most of your DFS lineup. Available to use on a myriad of platforms including Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football, DraftKings and FanDuel — some of the most popular DFS platforms — Draft Dashboard is the only online resource that you need to have at hand while building an NBA lineup that maximizes your points for the salary in hand.

One of the best features of Draft Dashboard — more of which will be discussed in greater details in the next section — is the fact that you can register yourself on the platform for free and go on to enjoy all the different tools offered by Draft Dashboard, for example, lineup optimization, position optimization, daily advice and analysis and top players, for the first 30 days. Only when you are convinced that the tools are making a real difference to your DFS points and positions do you have to start paying for the subscription.


After a brief overview of Draft Dashboard and what it has to offer to daily fantasy sports enthusiasts, it may be helpful to go deeper into some details about the different features that give this software an edge over a number of its competitors that also offer similar software for DFS optimization.

  • Compatible with Multiple DFS Platforms — Draft Dashboard works with a range of different daily fantasy sports providers, including DraftKings, FanDuel, FantasyDraft and Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football. This essentially means that you can use the Draft Dashboard software and tools with each of these.
  • DFS Lineup Optimizer — If you are looking for a software that can help you optimize the best line up not just for your NBA league, but also all the ones mentioned before, you can simply run the DFS lineup optimizer tool offered by Draft Dashboard and generate the best lineup for your individual case.
  • DFS Position Optimizer Tool — Another fantastic tool offered by Draft Dashboard is the position optimizer tool, which helps you choose the best person to finish your lineup. You may be confused between a couple of different players, but this tool helps you come up with the optimal solution.
  • Daily Advice — Funds are always a big limitation when you are putting together your DraftKings or FanDuel lineup. After picking all the major players that you wanted, you may be finding it tough to come up with the last player who would match your budget. Here, the daily advice offered by Draft Dashboard comes handy in giving you choices for all positions.
  • Analysis When You Need It — The platform is designed in a way that you gain access to efficient analysis of your figures and the performance of individual players. While this may seem unnecessary if you look at it with a myopic lens, it can really speed up the process of building a lineup.
  • Team Browser — The easy to access Team Browser helps you gain access to all the statistics and overview of the information that you need to have in order to make an informed choice about your upcoming lineup. The DFS news is updated all day and all night to keep you informed.
  • List of Top Players Weekly — Before building your NBA lineup, it is always helpful to check out the Top Players tool offered by Draft Dashboard, as it helps you ascertain which players are at the top of their game. In addition to this, you can also use the Fantasy Studs tool to check which players have earned the most points over a set period of time so that you pick at least a few that are low risk.
  • Access to Sleepers — Another great tool offered by Draft Dashboard is the Find Sleepers tool. This works by helping you find players that may not cost too much but have been proving themselves in recent times. If you enlist these players in your lineup, they could prove to be highly productive in the coming times, increasing the efficiency of your lineup as you move forward.


Draft Dashboard is one of the best NBA lineup optimizers that are currently available and there are multiple reasons for this. In this section, we will be delving deeper into the myriad factors that make a Draft Dashboard subscription a must-have for DFS enthusiasts looking to maximize their scores through good decision making:

  • Intuitive Interface — The Draft Dashboard website has been designed in a way that all the tools that you may need to get your hands on — like the lineup optimizer — are conveniently located on the portal, which is available on smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs. The platform is designed in a way that you do not need to whip out a piece of paper or calculator once you have this lineup optimizer.
  • Simplify Lineup Decisions — Draft Dashboard offers a range of research and comparison tools using which you can assess which players would work for your team in the best manner. This ends up making lineup decisions much easier than they would have been if you were doing all the comparisons manually or with limited tools at your disposal.
  • Results are Instantaneous — The software never stops working, which means that it is updating itself day and night. This, in turn, translates to all your updates going up in real time and results — like the increase in points — also showing up at the same time. This feels like a breath of fresh air after trying out other alternatives that take too long to show your updates.
  • Easier Points Calculation — The software offered by Draft Dashboard has its own in-built calculator component that can be used to calculate where you stand in terms of points at any given time. This eliminates the need for downloading a separate calculator software, making the process a whole lot easier.
  • Try and Decide — With Draft Dashboard, you can set up a free account on the website, which gives you access to all the DFS tools that the software has to offer free of charge for the first 3o days. This means that you can try out all the different tools and gauge whether they offer the kind of value you expected before going in for the monthly subscription that the platform recommends.
  • Easy to Identify High-Value Plays — The process of identifying low value and high-value players is made very easy with the use of color coding. This means that you will be able to assess the player’s performance and what he brings to the table just by looking at the color in which he is represented.
  • Special Sleepers Tool — Draft Dashboard has a special tool that helps you seek out players that are extremely low risk in terms of how much they cost you and the rewards that you are entitled to when you get them on your team. Using these, you are able to stay under the salary cap that you have to adhere to and still maximize the profits that you are making.


While there are a ton of benefits associated with opting for Draft Dashboard as your NBA lineup optimizer to get the most out of your team selection, no product is absolutely perfect. There are a couple of downsides related to Draft Dashboard, all of which will be discussed in some detail in this section:

  • No Advice from Humans — If you are looking for a lineup optimizer that gets you access to advice from actual human beings, this may not be the right platform for you. Here, the DFS lineup optimizer relies on algorithms to give you the best possible match for your requirements.
  • Not available offline — You need to be connected to the internet to use it. While in today’s world it’s not much of a hassle, it’d still be a great feature to be able to use the service – even if in a limited state – while offline.

What Is an NBA Lineup Optimizer?

If you are a daily fantasy player looking to master the method that can help you get the most out of your lineup, investing in a lineup optimizer is something you may have considered at some time or the other. As DFS tends to have a salary cap that you need to keep in mind when you pick and choose the players who are going to make it to your final lineup, the projected point value of different players starts to play a major role in your decision. If you are a beginner or someone who doesn’t want to spend too much time on getting to understand the undercurrents that affect this value, a lineup optimizer comes in to save the day and cut down on tons of work for you!

How Does It Work?

Coming up with the ideal set of players for your DFS lineup can be quite tricky because of the few factors that need to be kept in mind. First, you must have players that can fill different positions. Second, the projected points that these players can give you cannot be predicted too clearly. Finally, there are also a bunch of rules like stacking and others that can end up controlling your decisions.

The lineup optimizer software looks at the daily projections and other statistics that are put out on a regular basis to gauge which combinations — in terms of players — are most likely to give you the most fantasy points keeping your salary cap and money spent in mind. The projections used by the optimizer are updated on a regular basis so that you can stay on top of changes that take place and build yourself the best lineup for the salary that you have in hand.

If you’re interested in learning more about NBA lineup optimizers, be sure to read our follow-up articles below:

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Draft Dashboard is the best NBA lineup optimizer that is currently available for fantasy league enthusiasts. With a wide range of features offered for free for the first 30 days of opening an account, Draft Dashboard has the capability of getting you hooked because of the consistently good results it helps you achieve.

It is also important to mention that Draft Dashboard does not just cater to people who are invested in fantasy basketball but also covers a wide number of other sports that are available on all your favorite fantasy websites including FanDuel, DraftKings, FantasyDraft and Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football. While seasoned players may be better equipped to make their own decisions regarding performance and outcomes, the Draft Dashboard NBA lineup optimizer works exceedingly well for players who are new to the realm of DFS and want to improve their scores by relying on technology!

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